Sunday, 15 February 2009


I have mastered the layouts and fiddly bits of this blogger and now I just have to add my pictures and other bits and bobs and all will be well.

I haven managed to get any crafting done in the past few weeks but I have managed to collect lots of new things to create stuff with. I am pleased to have popped into tesco and purchase some left over christmas stuff that can be used all year round. Fiaries are brilliant and I think I will be making a few cards with those items.

I have purchased some stuff from fiskars and have yet to use the embossing tools but have been using the corner punches and they do add that extra special touch!

I have had a few small ideas of cards I would like to make so will be working on those next. Also I have just bought a lovely guinea pig stamp which I am most exctied about.

Now I am off to sort the rest of this blog out and make sure its the way I like it, watch this space for pic of my creations, they will be coming soon!!!