Sunday, 28 June 2009


I don't know if anyone else is feeling the heat, but I am pretty exhausted. My youngest is quite poorly yet again and with the heat he is really struggling. I haven't really had the feeling of wanting to do any crafting. My craft space is so tidy! I am also on a craft spending money ban, apparently I have to use what I have! We have 2 cars that both need work done and pinky the westie has to have her jabs and they are far more important that craft bits.

I am off to have the second part of my dental treatment tomorrow morning which she promised wont be that painful!!! Then I am off to my Great Aunts funeral which I hope I will make, as I will just get out of the dentist then have to dash over to the other side of town. So I probably wont have time to do any crafting tomorrow.

Soooooo with all that going on and the heat I am not really feeling crafty at all, but I am enjoying blog hopping, there are some fab creations out there!

Will catch you soon, have a lovely summer sunday and fab week!

Friday, 26 June 2009

I survived!

Well I survived the dentist visit, it was quite painful but the dentist was very good, I still have the second appointment on Monday and she said she has done most of the horrible painful stuff so it should be ok but it will be another 3o full minute job, oooeerrrr!!!! Thank you for all your lovely good luck wishes!

Well earlier I said I have made some little things over the past couple of days, 2 atc's I cant show you, but my card and another atc I can so here we are, the first card is just a small one I think I am going to make a few of these they are quick and easy. I have used some of the daisy and dandilion papers from the doocrafts goody bag, a tilda image, from my stash and coloured with pro markers and water colour pencils, little ribbon from my stash and papermania chalks. I have used a sentiment that I printed off from my computer now I have finally managed to work out how to get the correct size fonts etc lol
This little atc has been made with another tilda image from my stash coloured with promarkers, backing paper, buttons and sentiment from my stash too.
Have a lovley weekend everyone rain or shine, hopefully it will be sunny and lovely for all!!!

Just a quicky

Blogg land is playing up for me today which is just frustrating, it would appear people have been very busy creating, won goodies and have just had some lovely news to share but I cant comment because blogger isn't letting me!!! So your creations are lovely, congratulations on your wins and I am glad to hear most of you are ok and (((hugs))) to all that need them!

I did manage to make a couple of things yesterday, I am still tackling the mountain of thank you cards I have to make for teachers at my childrens 3 different schools. Will take pics when I can and pop them up, if blogger will let me!!!

I am off to the dentist today to have some work done on my teeth, obvioulsy lol, I went the other day only to be told if the problem isnt sorted asap then my teeth may fall out in a few years!!! So I am off this morning, I am not looking forward to it at all, I hate injections and cleaning usually makes my eyes water and this is going to be worse!!! So I may be back later I will have to see how much pain I am in.

Have a fabby friday!!!

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Charity shop find

No cards or atc's today having a day off, there is so much going on I dont seem to be able to fit in a quick craft session as by the time I sit down and get everything I want out its time to dash off some where else.

So...... today I went to do my usual veggie shop for the pigs and I always pop into the charity shops whilst I am there just to see what bargains there are to be had. On my rummage I found this real leather album/scrap book it smells really leathery which is a bit grim but its absolutely lovely, I just don't know what to do with it. Its very plain as you can see but I haven't really altered anything like this before and wouldn't know where to start. It only cost me a whooping 99p so any ideas on what to do would be fab!I also bought this little silver box with a flip back lid, I have a thing about boxes so bought it and will probably change it a bit to suit my needs it was only 50p and all the money goes to charity and the ladies at this particular charity shop are stars they are lovely!
I hope everyone has had a lovley sunny wednesday! Will catch you all here tomorrow.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Mondays Makes

Well today didn't start off too great what with the dentist saying I am going to have to have some extra work done on my teeth! Then we came home to find the 8 year old fish that we were only chatting about yesterday with my parents has died, My youngest son was upset and said he had to be buried! Off hubby went with a little shovel and he is now laid to rest in the garden.

Anyhow..... I have managed to find my missing mojo, he seems to come and go as he pleases, but today he reappeared and I managed to make some Atc's and a card, woop woop!!!

These atcs are on the theme of movies/film stars, 2 have already been promised in a swap. I did find this theme quite hard but managed it in the end and I am fairly pleased with the results.

Moulin Rouge is the first one, Mama Mia is the second one and then 2 of the film star Vivien Leigh (gone with the wind)

The card I have made using a fab image from a blogging friend Cheryl, she makes some inspiring creations! Cheryl's vintage creations being my fav, check out her blog if you have time, its gorgeous! Back to my card...... I have used backing papers that were a freebie in a magazine, Just for you sentiment is the freebie stamp that I had in last months Creativity mag, ribbon and flowers from my stash.

I have also been given some lovely Awards by lovely Liz over at Lace ribbon buttons and Bows I will get around to passing these lovely treasured awards on, but for now I will be signing off until tomorrow!

Thanks for popping by!!!!

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Fathers Day

Hi all, this is a bit of a late post but I thought I would pop up the fathers day cards I made this weekend, just in the nick of time too!

This is the first and probably last time you will see my children plus hubby, as the card I made for hubby as pics of them on and I don't usually put pics of family on the internet. Its a bit scrap book like and very large, hubby is going to take it to work and put it in his office. Inside are pictures and poems from the kids.My dads card was made using a decoupage sheet from the Lilac Garden site which is a must for your bookmarks/favourites! This site is dead handy for those cards that you need to make quickly. the reason I chose this decoupage is because my dad is not into sports, drinking, bar-b-qing, fishing or any of the usual things, but he does like cars. So I thought this would be suitable. He also isn't a big fan of fancy cards lol so this simple design is perfect for him.

I have also managed to make 2 movie themed atc's for a swap and boy was that hard to do when your mind is a blank. I havent taken pics yet but will do later!

I hope everyone has had a jolly good sunday!!!

Saturday, 20 June 2009

A Question......

Do you ever get those days when you think wow the list of things I have to make is getting bigger and bigger? And... then you have a blank as to what you can make?

I love making cards and atc's but just when I need to make some for a specific occasion or a atc swap my mind draws a complete blank, mr mojo just ups and leaves with no sign of returning!
Those of you who make cards to sell or commissions how on earth do you get your mojo to keep going?

Right all that said I need to get on and try and do some thing, will pop back later to show some thing, even if its just my home baked bread that is cooking away lol

Have a lovely saturday what ever you are doing today, I hope the sun is shining for you!

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

A few creations

Well this week has gone from bad to worse but I wont depress you will all the details. Instead I thought I would show you some of the creations I have made, they have sort of taken my mind off of things although I cant say I like them all that much lol Anyhow here we go.

I made this quick thank you card with some bits and bobs from my stash, I used my sugar nellie stamp which I love. Coloured with Promarkers and water colour pencils and some gel pens.I made this little tag with some goodies from my stash, I haven't written anything on it as yet as I may add to it. Coloured with PromarkersThis this card I made using a tilda image, everything else is from my stash again. Coloured with Promarkers. U also used the paper mania shimmer chalks. The sentiment I typed up and printed off myself.Finally here are some atc's I have made for a swap on the Docrafts forum, its a bird theme.

Thanks for popping by, please say hello I would love to hear from all you lovely blogging buddies!!!

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Yesterdays Farm Trip

Yesterday was a bit of a sad day as you have already read so I thought today I would show you a couple of pics of the animals at the farm.

Here is a lovely piggy that loved a good scratch, he came over and stood by the fence as if to say, scratch me please, in a snorrty sort of way lol so I gave him a good scratch on his side and over he went like a dog wanting its tummy tickeld rofl. My son and his friend then proceeded to give him a scratch which he obviously loved as he was happily lead there snorting away rofl.
Then there was this litte cutie, a baby goat or kid if you prefer that term lol There were about 4 altogether that I could see chatting and playing on thier wooden bridge or lazing in the sun.

There were lots of other animals including alpaca's cows, sheep, birds including turkies that my son loved, he has a thing about birds and spent ages just watching the budgies and trying to pick up a chicken lol My favourite of the day was meeting the guinea piggy's and if I could have smuggled all of these little beuatys into by back pack with no one looking I would have!!! Sadly they were being kept on wood chip so they didnt have any grass to munch on so me, the kids and another mum picked them lots and what you can see in this pic is them going mad for it! Wheeking a popcorning away they were happy little piggeroos!

Hope you like the piccys!

Monday, 15 June 2009

A sad day

Today has been such a mixture of feelings, I took my son on his preschool trip to the farm park and we have had a lovely day.

This evening I have lost my gorgeous lovely chubby bubby Donny, he is one of my indoor guinea pigs who lived with Bernie. I am devastated as he was the first boar I had along with his brother Ronald. I took them in after a lovely lady rescued them, they were both shut in a garage and been left to fend for themselves. When they came here they were nervous little men but soon they were at the door when ever it was opened waiting for their veggies and wheeking loudy when ever I opened the back door! Sadly I lost Ronald some months back and this broke my heart and I knew Donny wouldnt cope with out him as they were inseperable. I put him with Bernie who was in need of company and they hit it off and have lived happily ever since. . Donny loved his food and his tummy always showed that, at his heaviest he was a whopping 3.4lbs. I a missing him already and Bernie looks so sad. Donny is buried next to his brother Ronald now. I am just feeling a little lost with out him.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Finally A Card

Its a absolutely gorgeous day today! Sunny and hot when the clouds aren't hiding the sun, but a little rest every now and then from the heat is a relief. All the guineas are out munching the grass earning their keep lol Pinky is out with her Daddy and the kids in the garden chilling out so I have peace for 5 minutes!!!

Last night we were lucky to be able to hear Elton John Live in our own back garden! He was at the county ground some miles away but it was loud enough for us to hear everything, hubby said it was because the sound was bouncing of the city or something, as we live on a hill, all that was far to technical for me lol I just enjoyed listening.

Phew at last I managed to make a card, I tried out these new Shimmer chalks, not sure about them still but practise makes perfect lol I think I am going to attempt another one this afternoon and maybe some atc's.

Hope everyone has a lovely sunny sunday! I have 11 guineas to clean, and a family to feed and I want to get some crafting in there some where too lol

Friday, 12 June 2009

Nothing to report today

Nothing to report today really, I am waiting for my memento ink pad to arrive, I only ordered it yesterday lol but I am so impatient. I ended up ordering it from ebay, the price was roughly the same as everywhere else and the postage was only 75p. I ordered the large tuxedo black pad, so It should last me ages. I had a browse on other sites and it would appear its pretty much all sold out, I hope that is a good sign that it is a good ink to use!

I haven't managed to get any crafting done, to be honest I think my mojo is having a day off, I dont seem to have any inspiration at all. I guess we all have days like these lol. Still need to get fathers day cards done!

Any how have a lovely Friday what ever you are doing!

Thursday, 11 June 2009

A card at Last !

I finally got around to making a card yesterday, I have been a little side tracked by the atc making which I love at the moment more that making cards lol. Any how I needed to make a start on the thank you cards for the teachers at my children's schools, this is going to be a long task as there are so many and my youngest is leaving his nursery to start big school, so there are lots of thank you's that need to me made!

I also made 2 atc's yesterday using some lovely images again combined with stuff from my stash. I am now on the hunt for back gounds and other things to add to vintage images. I remembered my parents have some really old postcards in their cuboard from all over the world, they were given them by a friend whose mum passed away, this was when I was a child so some 2o years ago so they may well come in handy. I remember they were beautiful colours and spent time looking throught them so I am excited to see what may be in that box! There were some unusual stamps too. Will post later what I find!

Have a lovely Thursday all!

Oopps Whilst I am here I must remember to tell you about a lovely Blog Candy over at JulietkBears juliet is giving us the chance to win one of her Ickle dolls (see side bar pic) Pop over and meet Russell and see her lovely work!


Another Lovely Award!

I popped over to Lisa's Atc blog yesterday to discover she has given me a lovely award! Thank you!!! This has been a lovely week and some really lovely people have left comments and given me awards. It means so much and I am very greatful! Please pop over to Lisa's Atc blog she has made some gorgeous Atc's!

I now have to pass this award on to 5 lovely here we go... The 'Attitude and Gratitude' award goes to....
The Crafty Vet - Esme
Yorkie Lover - June
Sparxcrafts - lynn
Cheryl's Creative Atc's & Cards - Cheryl
June's arty retreat - June

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Enjoying This

I am so enjoying this Vintage Atc making, I have been having a play with some lovely images from the Art Freebies Blog again and Lisa from Allissasdesignscabin has also helped me with some more fabby images to use, thank you!!! Here are some of yesterday and todays creations.
I really need to stop this now and make the mountain of thank you cards I need to start for the teachers at my childrens 3 different schools. I also need to do a birthday card and I havent even thought about fathers day yet arrrgghhh!!!!

Have a great Tuesday!

Monday, 8 June 2009

Woweeeeee 2 Awards!

I have just logged on to find not one but two lovely comments with a surprise. I have been given 2 lovely awards!!! I am so shocked and surprised, it makes all this card making, atc making and blogging worth while! I am so very grateful!

The first award is from Dawn over at CraftyDawnsBlogspot. Not only does Dawn leave lovely comments for me she also makes some fab cards and she always has some great advice just when you need it. Thank You Dawn xxx

Now I am not totally sure how these awards work so following Dawn I am going to pass the above on to 5 lovley people. If only you could send it back, Dawn would be top of the list!!! It didnt take long to think exactly who I would love to pass this award on to, as there names sprang to mind straight away as they have been so lovely and helpful to me in blogging land and on forums.

Coldwaters - Lorraine
Alissa Designs Cabin - Lisa
JulietkBears - Juliet
caro's creation - Caro
Acardisforlife - Debbie

The next award that has so kindly been given to me is from Juliet over at JulietkBears I have been following this blog for a little while I love what Juliet creates, the needle felting she does totally amazes me, some thing so fluffy can become some thing so stunning! I also love hearing about Russel crow, not the man might I add, if you want to find out more about this totally adorable little chap you must pop over to Juliets Blog. Thank you Juliet xxx

Now I have the hard task again, there are sooooo many lovely blogs out there that are insiprational and I get to choose whopping 15 people for this so we shall see how it goes!
Coldwaters - Lorraine
Alissa Designs Cabin - Lisa
Craftydawn - Dawn
caro's creation - Caro
Acardisforlife - Debbie
Auntysuescraftcavern - Aunty sue
Artfreebies - I have no idea the name of this fab person yet hehehe
Craftycrafterdenise - Denise
Yorkielover - June
Diane's Rambles - Diane
Craftyspider - Kay

There 11 isnt bad, these are all blogs and people whose blogs inspire me!

Thank you to all of you!!!!

Sunday, 7 June 2009

4 More

Following the ATC in my previous post, I have made 4 more, the response to the original was fab and she is off to her new home as I type. So I made 4 more last night and one is promised already! I have really enjoyed this challenge of making some thing that is definitely out of my comfort zone! How long this little burst of creativity will last I dont know but I am going to make the most of it!

Again all the images I have used are from the wonderful blog Art Freebies if you have time you must pop by and have a gander at all the lovely images that are there! They also have a weekly challenge which is well worth taking part in!

Off to have another little crafting session, if you havent already popped over to Lisa's Atc blog its a must see! She has been so very helpful and kind to me over these past weeks all her blogs are worth a visit so here are the links you need! Allissa Designs Cabin & Allissa's Paper Town (a place to buy fab didgi downloads) & also My Arty Expressions ATC Style CHECK THEM OUT!!!

Byyeee for now

Friday, 5 June 2009

Atc - Some thing different and news

After Lisa over at Allissa Desgin Blog Spot started her fab new blog showing us all her wonderful ATC's see here; My Arty Expressions Atc Style, I decided I wanted to have a go at some thing different than the usual atc's I have been doing. The above ATC is very different for me and I really enjoyed doing it.

From my stash I used some thread, black card, I used a corner cutter. All the papers and images are from a fab blog I have recently discovered whilst blog hopping called Art Freebies its fantastic! Lastly I used a gold ink pad on the edges and a flower from my stash.

Whilst I am here I am a tad excited as I have just bought a lovely stamp created by Leanne Ellis, its called 'poise' you can see it here at funky kits.
I am so chuffed with it I havent actually used it yet just looked at it lol Hopefully I will have some creations up with it soon. I am on the hunt for a momento ink pad in tuxedo black just a small one (dewdrop I think) as this has been recomended to me by docrafts memebers as the ink to use, but so far most places charge riduculous postage and I only want the ink pad! So I will have to keep on hunting.

Thats all for now I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Its Wednesday already!

We are in the middle of a week already, where did the time go? I have been planting some veggies and generally just enjoying the garden so haven't had a huge amount of time to make any cards. I have however managed to get my Garden/Flowers docrafts atc swap finished and made a few other atc's too.

The top pic is of my Garden/flowers swap, I used bits and bobs from my stash. I quite like the way they have turned out, especially after my 4 year old son decided he would help by pouring a whole bottle of PVA glue over my original creations. Luckily I managed to save some bits and bobs and make these.

My stamp arrived from the craftypad, I am so pleased to have won, so I had to have a quick play with it and made a couple of little fun atc's.

The flower atc's have been made with some freebie papers, from a magazine that I forget the name of lol I used some papermania brads for the middle.

Last is my froggy Atc, he is for a young lad who made me a lovely Flower atc so he will be on his way to him today.

Hope you have a lovely wednesday and enjoy the sunshine!

Monday, 1 June 2009

I Have Won a Stamp!

I am a tad excited I won a lovely stamp over at The Crafty Pad. I posted about this lovely week long give away of the crafty pad stamps and I have been picked as day 3's winner. I am really excited about getting my first stamp from them, as its a teddy it can be used for so many different things!

So if you would like to be in with the chance of winning a lovely stamp get on over to the crafty pad and join in!

Have a lovely day and happy 1st of June which is the offical first day of summer hooorrrahh!