Sunday, 28 June 2009


I don't know if anyone else is feeling the heat, but I am pretty exhausted. My youngest is quite poorly yet again and with the heat he is really struggling. I haven't really had the feeling of wanting to do any crafting. My craft space is so tidy! I am also on a craft spending money ban, apparently I have to use what I have! We have 2 cars that both need work done and pinky the westie has to have her jabs and they are far more important that craft bits.

I am off to have the second part of my dental treatment tomorrow morning which she promised wont be that painful!!! Then I am off to my Great Aunts funeral which I hope I will make, as I will just get out of the dentist then have to dash over to the other side of town. So I probably wont have time to do any crafting tomorrow.

Soooooo with all that going on and the heat I am not really feeling crafty at all, but I am enjoying blog hopping, there are some fab creations out there!

Will catch you soon, have a lovely summer sunday and fab week!


  1. Hi Dazie babe, This heat makes most people irritable sweetie but as you say, you've had alot going on and the worry of your son, funeral & dentist. I do feel for you hun. Good luck at Dentist. Just tel them babe that you have somewhere important to be, I am sure they will fit you in a lil quicker hopefully. As for littlen being poorly, You're a fab mum and thats all they need. Hope its nothing too serious. Its horrible when they are not well.

    Thinking of you hun. Dont worry about crafting you do what you have to do. Will miss you & be thinking of you.

    Big Hugs

    Shall email you this incase you dont come on to read it yet. xx

  2. Hi Dazie aw I am sorry that the little one is suffering and this weather certainly doesn't help. You have a lot going on at the moment and this heat and humidity does make you feel like a wet rag lol. I hope you get on ok at the dentist and I do know what you mean about not feeling crafty I think we all go through that stage at some point. I have had to cut my spending down as well it can be hard especially when you see and hear about all these gorgeous items being shown. It is a hard period at the moment but it will pass.

    Lorraine x

  3. Hi Dazie, hope the dentist went ok and you made it to the funeral.
    This weather makes us all tired, I know I am as am not sleeping at all well.
    Sorry your little one is poorly, hope it's nothing serious and they are quickly better
    Hugs Jackie


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