Friday, 26 June 2009

Just a quicky

Blogg land is playing up for me today which is just frustrating, it would appear people have been very busy creating, won goodies and have just had some lovely news to share but I cant comment because blogger isn't letting me!!! So your creations are lovely, congratulations on your wins and I am glad to hear most of you are ok and (((hugs))) to all that need them!

I did manage to make a couple of things yesterday, I am still tackling the mountain of thank you cards I have to make for teachers at my childrens 3 different schools. Will take pics when I can and pop them up, if blogger will let me!!!

I am off to the dentist today to have some work done on my teeth, obvioulsy lol, I went the other day only to be told if the problem isnt sorted asap then my teeth may fall out in a few years!!! So I am off this morning, I am not looking forward to it at all, I hate injections and cleaning usually makes my eyes water and this is going to be worse!!! So I may be back later I will have to see how much pain I am in.

Have a fabby friday!!!


  1. you have my deepest sympathy (I loath) the dentist I have a phobia not been for over 10yrs hate it with a passion! good luck hope yr well

    Love Dawn xx

  2. Morning Dazie.....good luck with the visit to the dentist!
    I'm having prolems too re the blogs,a couple are not opening up properly and one froze my pc this morning so I had to close all tabs to clear it.
    Hugs Sandie xx

  3. Hi Dazie, good luck with the dentist my friend. i love your leather album its beautiful. I know you will think of something for it.
    I have migraine so off for a lie down. Not been to jj yet as have been busy
    Hugs June xxx

  4. hi hun hope dentsit went well some of the sites are causing problems but most seem okay take care sweetie adore your album hugs cheryl xxxxxxxxxx


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