Friday, 12 June 2009

Nothing to report today

Nothing to report today really, I am waiting for my memento ink pad to arrive, I only ordered it yesterday lol but I am so impatient. I ended up ordering it from ebay, the price was roughly the same as everywhere else and the postage was only 75p. I ordered the large tuxedo black pad, so It should last me ages. I had a browse on other sites and it would appear its pretty much all sold out, I hope that is a good sign that it is a good ink to use!

I haven't managed to get any crafting done, to be honest I think my mojo is having a day off, I dont seem to have any inspiration at all. I guess we all have days like these lol. Still need to get fathers day cards done!

Any how have a lovely Friday what ever you are doing!


  1. How I hate waiting for stuff to arrive too, as for my mojo.....I'm going to give it such a slap when it comes back....taking off like that without any warning whatsoever!!

    Laugh & hugs Sandie xx

  2. Oh I hate waiting for things to arrive too. I ordered some stuff in May from a site I won't name I got all the order bar 2 items and I'm still waiting. I've emailed them and phoned them but they still haven't got back to me grrrrrrrrrr.
    Hope your things come quickly


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