Monday, 15 June 2009

A sad day

Today has been such a mixture of feelings, I took my son on his preschool trip to the farm park and we have had a lovely day.

This evening I have lost my gorgeous lovely chubby bubby Donny, he is one of my indoor guinea pigs who lived with Bernie. I am devastated as he was the first boar I had along with his brother Ronald. I took them in after a lovely lady rescued them, they were both shut in a garage and been left to fend for themselves. When they came here they were nervous little men but soon they were at the door when ever it was opened waiting for their veggies and wheeking loudy when ever I opened the back door! Sadly I lost Ronald some months back and this broke my heart and I knew Donny wouldnt cope with out him as they were inseperable. I put him with Bernie who was in need of company and they hit it off and have lived happily ever since. . Donny loved his food and his tummy always showed that, at his heaviest he was a whopping 3.4lbs. I a missing him already and Bernie looks so sad. Donny is buried next to his brother Ronald now. I am just feeling a little lost with out him.


  1. Ahh Poor you! it's sad when you loose a pet and they all have their own personalities be assured he had a lovely retirement after his rough start

    You didn't even mention how his pre school trip was I know he must of had a great time on a farm young uns love the farm!

    Love Dawn xx

  2. Aw Dazie so sorry to hear about your guinea pig donny it is always sad when you lose a pet.
    On a bit brighter note glad you and son had a nice day out.
    Take care
    Hugs Dianne xx

  3. I am sorry to hear that, Hugs to you, I am missing Russel now he has flown the nest. Juliet

  4. So sorry for you Lisa, what a lucky boy Donny was to have found a home with you !!

    Hugs Diane xx

  5. Hi Lisa babe. Aww so sorry to hear about Donny. They are lovely lil pets but we know when we get them that their life spans are short. Thank heavens they found you for the remainder of his/their lives. God Bless sweetheart. Thinking of you.

    ((( big Hugs )))

  6. sorry to hear about your wee pet. heart breaking.
    on a lghter note didnt know you had a photo of my hubby lieing on his side.haha
    fotos and cards on your blog are great keep it up
    susi c


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