Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Slowly melting away!

This heat is horrible, I am not a big sun worshipper and much prefer the colder months. I think I am slowly melting away!!!!

I have tried to get some crafting done but keep getting half way through and then zoom all thoughts of how I want some thing to look disappear! I am blaming the weather totally for this.

My youngest is still quite poorly although as I type this he is up and about causing havoc so I guess either the calpol is working its magic or he is feeling a wee bit better! We took him to the docs last night and he said its just viral and that he would just have to battle it out. He has been feeling very sorry for himself though and sleeping lots.

Right off to get the kids sorted and throw myself in a cold bath to cool down I think!
Be back soon with some creations I hope!

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  1. Hi Dazie Babe. Feeling for you with this heat. We're pretty lucky as we live way up a hill so we get a lovely breeze always. Its a very cool house which is one of the reasons we wanted it as the the peeps that lived here b4 said it was a real cool house...infact, hubby's just gone to put pj's on. We are not sun lovers either give us the romantic winter anytime.

    Glad to hear littlen is seeming brighter.... nothing they can do for viral unfortunately, this heat not helping his temp either, poor lil sausage.

    Hope this evenings cooler for you hun & you manage to get some crafting done.

    Thanks again for always supporting what I do. I so appreciate it.



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