Sunday, 5 July 2009

Bespoke Banners

Have ever thought to yourself that maybe you would like a banner for your blog that was special and just for you that maybe said some thing about you and the work you do? Then I know just the person to create one. You choose the theme, words and other bits and bobs but your ideas forward to Lisa who will then put together a fantastic creation, see here for just a few of lisas creations!

These banners are very unique and all about you! If you would like one please check out kreative Banners Blog and read the details of how you can get one as they arent what you think!

Above is the banner to look out for on peoples blogs where one of Lisa's creations is hopefully displayed! Also dont forget to click on Lisa's name to see her blog of wondeful cards!

Will be posting some news in a mo just off to cook the tea!


  1. Hi Dazie! Just wanted to let you know incase you hadn't spotted you won the prize at The Crafty Pad! Just thought I'd give you the heads up! Love Rowena

  2. Oh dazie babes, what a lovely thing you have gone & done here. I am very tearful my lady! this has touched me very much. You're an angel.
    Honest peeps, I havn't asked Dazie (Lisa) to do this...You're a wonderful friend Hun. Thank you again so much.

    Big Hugs
    Will email u in a bit.


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