Friday, 27 March 2009

Stamped Images

I have been looking around at the lovely Magnolia Tilda images people have been using and I have decided I would like to have ago at making some cards with them on. I had a look around at the stamps that were available and wasn't keen on just buying one of two as the price goes up and up so instead I decided to opt for some stamped images. I think the stamped images will be a a good place to start at least I can see if I can use them before I buy the actual stamp also it means I can have a few lovely images instead of just one or two. I am actually quite excited about recieveing them and using them. I have gone for the images I like which are the Autumn Collection. Will let you know when they arrive.

I have managed to make one card this week, no pics I'm afraid as I wasnt impressed with how it looked and it has gone in the box of card bloopers. The actual layout was fine its the stamp that looks too dull on it.

This weekend I think I will have another gander at the crafty hideaway at the local garden centre, hopefully I will have more time to browse and see what I actually want. I have a new baby card to make as a friends baby is due any time. Also my Hubbys birthday is coming up and I am positive he wouldnt be happy with a little tilda image on his card so that means I will have to find some thing that he will like.

Bye for now its a friday night which means take away night so off for a curry.

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