Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Some thing Different

Card making is becoming a tad frustrating so I thought I would give Fimo ago this week, I thinks its good to have a go at other things at times, soooo I made some little guinea pigs hehehe they are called the mini wheekers and for my first atempt at guineas I think they are rather cute although hubby says they look like poop, Charming!!!  I am rather proud of my carrots they came out really well :)

They have newspaper, then fleece, hay & veggies spare fleece and veggies.

The last family are off to a new home tomorrow whoop whoop, or should that be wheek wheek lol  Will be back later in the week to show off some other makes if I get around to it.


  1. are they clay or chocolate????? they are fabulous! and what does hubby know - LOL.


  2. These are so so cute Dazie, I love them :D

  3. Wow Dazie they are fabulous and so cute,
    Hugs Dianne xx

  4. wow that is different :) Love these !! You clever lady you !!
    Hugs June xxx

  5. They are FAB Lisa !! You`ll be getting orders I`m sure for these little cutties !!

    Hugs Diane xx

  6. These are cute Dazie, what does hubby know?
    Jackie x

  7. oh these are great hun they look so cute,love them know what you mean about something different I am playing with stampboard,and chipboard at the moment and loveing it hugs cheryl xxxx


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