Monday, 7 December 2009


Its been ages since I have blogged!  Unfortunately with family life some times the crafting has to take a back seat.  Also with all these animals to look after it gets a bit much, there are never enough hours in the day, I think you will agree!  I have had a bout of illness mixed in too, oh and I found the Twighlight books which I could not put down lol.  So I apologise for my absence, so much has been happening in blog land and your creations are all fabulous.  Its nice to see the Christmas crafts appearing, there are so many fabulous ideas and creations this year!

I haven't completely stopped making things, my mini wheekers were admired by a few people so I made a few sets which have all now gone to new homes, I believe there are still some people who would like some, so it looks like I will be making more guinea pigs in the near future as well as some other guinea pig items that I think people will love, so watch this space!

I finally managed to sit down yesterday and make some Christmas cards, they are very basic as I am lacking in Christmas inspiration lol I will be back later to show you them.

I want to enter a couple of challenges this month so will hopefully have some more things to show you over the coming weeks.  I will be popping by your blogs and I hope to be able to have enough time to leave a comment or 2..

Catch you all soon!!!!


  1. Hi ya Hun,

    So lovely to see you. I know exactly what you meen you can feel so guilty if you don't create or stop ny peoples blogs etc. (I know I do) However this is suposed to be an enjoyable hobby and guilt free (except when buying lots of stash lol) Life is family and health are far more important, although I am sure you have been missed here (I have missed you)Don't feel guilty stop by when ever you can.

    Love Dawn xx

  2. Beautiful work missed you too

    liz xx

  3. hello my sweet friend so so great to hear from you have missed you on the forum too you take care hun we will still be here when you are ready,with all my love hugs cheryl xxxxxx

  4. Hi Dazie, have missed your blog posts but I know what you mean about life taking over at times. Everyone is so busy just now with all the Christmas preparations too. I guess things will calm down again in the new year
    Hugs Jackie x

  5. Hello Dazie

    Lovely to hear from you and will look forward to your creations when you get there.

    Have lots of animals as well, horses, dogs, cats, guineas, chickens, so really do understand the committments, they are reliant on us and can't be left till later like craft.

    B x

  6. Hi Dazie, it's lovely to see you posting, but we all know what you mean, sometimes you just don't have the time or the inclination, so don't feel guilty. I look forward to seeing your makes too, and good luck in whichever challenges you do :)

  7. Hi Dazie

    I know what you mean.

    It can be difficult sometimes to keep your blog going and run a home and family. (Especially in the run up to Christmas).

    But don't stress about it. Your work is always so lovely that people are happy to wait and see what treat you have come up with.

    Love Jules xx


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