Monday, 29 March 2010

Been away but I am coming back!!!

I know I havent been on this past week, I have been having a week off from crafting apart from buying craft goodies of course as you can never have a break from that lol

As well as a little week off I have been sorting out the Fundraising Auction on the guinea forum I run with a friend.  I have just today finished making some mini wheekers out of Fimo for the auction.  We also had a few people to email and then all the other bits and bobs that need doing whilst I am online.

I will be back this week with some cards I promise I just need some motivation and a clear desk as its a bit of a mess, tut tut!!

Catch you all soon!


  1. Look forward to seeing them Daizie A rest is good hu

    Liz x

  2. Hi Dazie you have been busy chum,good luck with the fund raising and looking forward to seeing your new makes
    Sarah xx

  3. Hope to see you soon hun life is busy and it was so nice of you to call in & say

    Love Dawn xx

  4. We will be waiting!!! you are missed!

  5. Oh Lisa, I hope you post your mini wheekers! you do such a great job.


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