Thursday, 16 September 2010

Some thing different some thing sweet

Well as most of you know I have a HUUUGEEE love for guinea pigs and I run a forum with my lovely friend Anne dedicated to guineas and rescues who do so much for guineas.  Anyway I thought I would share a little story of a gorgeous piggy who is being fostered by a lovely lady named Joey and her partner.

Here is Joey's story of Lily and her babies and prepare for cuteness overload at the pigture!

Poor Lily came to us a bit worse for wear. She had been sexed incorrectly, so was pregnant by her brother, but that wasn't the worst part! She had fallen down a ramp whilst pregnant and suffered a broken leg (her back left one). She came to us just after her operation with a lovely big scar. Things looked grim as she had to have an xray, a general anaesthetic for an operation to have her leg pinned, antibiotics and painkillers. All of these not great for a pregnant sow! We feared the worst for her leg and the babies but thanks to an awesome vet and a lot of vegetables, on 17/09/10 she had three beautiful, perfect babies. Phew! I hear she is a bit of a celebrity at the vets for getting through it all so well and the pin taking as well as it has.

Lily and babies will be leaving me soon for rehoming, once she has put on a bit more weight. I will be sad to see them go, but so excited for them.

Lastly, a picture of how I found Lily and Rose having a nap. I almost melteed when I saw this!
 There are sooo many lovely people who do so many fab things for guinea pigs, joey is just one of them!
This September we are holding a stitchathon in aid of guinea pig rescue, lots of forum members are stitching blankets, cuddle cubs and cushions for piggy's to keep them warm this winter and to give some pigs that extra bit of comfort!  Check out our forum for more details, Guinea Pig Haven
I will be back tomorrow with my little musing DT and this weekend is a new challenge begins over at craft your days away so watch out for that!

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  1. Oh poor Lilly so glad to here all went well, due to the love and care that all gave her,and what a cute photo Awwwwwww no wonder you melted.
    Hugs Betty xx

  2. Oh'' Dazie they are so cute Mum and baby you do such wonderful work chum, with all this thanks for sharing this fabulous story of Lily, wishing her and her babies the best of luck, Hugs xx
    Sarah xx

  3. You made me cry just touched my heart, but thats why I love piggies.....

    hugs Diane xx

  4. Oh what a lucky little girl to have been rescued by the right person! It's so sad when people are irresponsible about their pets. Luckily there is good people like you.
    Adorable photo!


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