Thursday, 25 November 2010

I bought some thing special today

Today whilst running some errands I noticed that there was a little craft show on in one of the usually empty shops so I had to pop in and have a look.  They had many gorgeous hand made items from cross stitches, tree decorations and hand made quilts.  The lady who makes the patch work quilts (Eileen Mary Higgins) was there stitching away at some felt teddies which she had sold already before they were even finished!

Anyway after a long chat with the 3 ladies and after getting all the quilts out that I liked and having a good look at them. I chose this one this is the front but the back is gorgeous too as she chose a fab flowery plain fabric. 
I absolutely love it!
I also bought some fabric christmas gift bags which are such a great idea!  10% of the quilt money goes to the Air Ambulance based down this way which was another great reason to buy!

Tommorrow is little musings day so pop back then and also dont forget my candy!


  1. Wow Dazie this looks absolutely beautiful something to treasure for many years to come.
    Lorraine x

  2. Hi Dazie.

    What a beauty, something to treasure for always.
    Hope the guinea pigs are ok??
    Huggies Angel

  3. Hi Dazie, that quilt is gorgeous and the colours are my favourites, you will treasure it for ever

    Hugs JAckie x

  4. I would love a quilt but I don't think I could possibly afford one! this is not my colour choice but the pattern is lush

    Love Dawn xx


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