Friday, 3 February 2012

Photo Scavenger Hunt 2012

Last year I noticed a few fellow bloggers taking part in a photo Scavenger hunt.  The pictures each person shared were lovely and each was linked to a list of themes for the photo. 

Now the photos have to be recent although if its difficult they can be from the past they have to be your own photos and you can interpret the title in any way you please so here we go for my January's photo scavenger hunt...................

Well 2 could be any thing but to see 2 deer outsdide of my window at centre parcs was a real treat for me and the kids!

I am not the best photographer in the world and some times even I cant make out what a picture is, probably  some random person, quite artistic if you look at it another way lol


Ok so not technically right in the bathroom but on the wall just outside and it was enough to get my daughter and I in a right old flap!  

    Now I did have trouble with this so as I was looking through photos I came across this and thought I wish I was here, this is Edinburgh 

       I would like to say this is my photo but nope it was taken by my hubby who thought this was a bit daft as everyone knows that a urn is hot especially if they are making tea!

        Yes this is my mess!!!  I know where everything is and if you touch it I will know!
        Terrible isnt it, the worst thing is since this picture things are even more piled up!

          Yep, that is exactly what this is ODD, for some reason whilst taking pics of my guinea pigs I managed to get a snap shot of Delilahs bottom!

            This is Bob one of my Chinchillas, he is soft I think you can tell that from the way he is lead and is gorgeous soft fur is through the bars of his cage, I have no idea why that was the best place for him to sleep he looks like he has chewed his toys and just got too tired so had a nap right where he was ♥


              Warning why?  Well too much champers leads to a very poorly Dazie, infact dazie had to go to bed all day after consuming too much bubbly!

              So that was January 2012's Photo scavenger hunt, the next hunt has a list that is just as exciting.  I did hoever miss one photo out and that was IN SEASON I really couldnt find anything that I thought worked,   Hopefully I will be more organised and on time getting the post all written up and posted next time and be more prepared!

              Thanks for popping by catch you soon with a challenge piece for Craft Your Days Away.



                1. Lovely photos, (except for the eight-legged one hee hee!), I too have an organised mess, i'd never find anything if it was tidy lol! X

                2. Nice photos especially Delilahs bottom lol


                Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate every single comment!