Friday, 18 May 2012

Sweet Dreams......

Hi all just thought I would do a quick post of a little felt set I made last week.  
The gorgeous pattern is by Ginger Melon if you haven't already been to her blog/fb group/etsy store then its a MUST!  

Right I am off have a lovely weekend all and catch you next week!


  1. Oh Lisa that is so cute! Am off to check out her store. Have a great weekend
    Pene x

  2. Ooooo these are gorgoeus! I really wish I could sew! They are just so sweet but I particularly love the lilac one..I'm going to check out the Etsy store anyway.

    Hugs Elaine xx

  3. Wow, those are gorgeous - I really love the lilac one! Have a fab weekend xx

  4. Aww'' Lisa these are just too cute so neat and tidy work love them, your sewing is always so perfect!! I'm rubbish at hand sewing, but ok with the crochet, I've started another blanket but with lots of granny squares in gorgeous spring/summer colours so lots of tails to tidy up, still have to finish my Huge Granny blanket the bigger it gets the longer it takes to do a row.... :) will post both on my blog when finished by Christmas :)tee'hee, big hugs for popping by with all your kind words chum I hope you and all your wee ones are keeping well, now I'm off to catch up with your other gorgeous makes chum, have a fabulous sunny warm day tomorrow, isn't the weather fantastic!!!
    Lots Hugs Sarah xx


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