Friday, 20 July 2012

Schools Out for summer!

Hoorah for the holidays!  6 weeks of not having to sort out 3 children in record time and no having to wash or sort uniforms!  
Last week I managed to whip up some last minute teachers cards, the ones in the shops werent really that good and then there is the price of them, when you have so many teachers to buy for the pennies soon mount up!
So here are a few of the ones I made.
Simple apple using a template, with I think some stampin up papers a bit of twin and some other bits and bobs some nice clean and simple cards.  I think they suit the men and the ladies.

Right must dash will be back tomorrow with CYDA challenge.



  1. Love these cards and so will the teaching staff Lisa, I'm sure your wee ones will be chuffed and so proud that there Mum made these special handmade cards for there Teachers!! and I agree with you on the price off cards, I have made 8 cards this month 4 which I have still to pop onto my blog yet!! and they would have cost me a fortune!!
    You have a super weekend chum here's hoping for sunshine!!!!!!
    Lots Hugs Sarah x

  2. Fab cards, love the apples - I really think the teachers appreciate a handmade card more, as more thought goes into them!

    Take care, Estelle xx


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