Monday, 24 September 2012

Preparing for Christmas

Yes its nearly that time of year again, the shops have started to put their Christmas stock out!  So this year I have got a little head start on my Christmas decorations as I spent long into December still sewing them last year! 

Here is a piccy of what I have so far
Christmas Puds and Ginger bread men

For the guinea pig fans the Angel piggys are back, of course they can be used all year round
There are more to come everything has been cut ready to sew but my little hands can only do so much.

Catch you again soon 


  1. These are all looking good Dazie I love your gingerbread men

    Jackie x

  2. They are fab! Really love the Angel Piggies too :)

    Hope you are well,

    Hugs, Estelle xx

  3. Ahh'' these are just so cute Lisa Jingle all the way!! good for you getting a head start for Christmas chum, it will be here before wee know it, I do love all your makes
    hope you are all well...
    Hugs Sarah x


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