Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Glorious Granny Stripe!

As the crochet seems to be going well, I wanted to share with you my glorious granny stripe blanket.

The tutorial for this is available over at attic 24 I would highly recommend doing a small demo type blanket first just so you get the hang of it, the only reason I say this is, if you go ahead into the big blanket and get lost a few stripes through then you will have to go back and start again, this can be most frustrating!

Ok here we go with the pics there are lots!!!

 It covers my rung in the living room, and makes you want to roll on it!

 It covers my 3 seater sofa easily!
 I decided to do a simple edge to my blanket
 Here it is all ready to snuggle under
 Stripes fabulous stripes
And folded ready and waiting to be used.

I used Style Craft DK, Lucy also uses this and it crochets up a treat, its also very warm!  I have used slightly different colours to Lucy I think its nice to use what ever you fancy, in fact I think this would look just as nice in just a couple of colours or maybe in shades of one colour only, the options are endless!

Right must dash catch you all soon!


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  1. OMG!!!! Dazie you have certainly mastered your crochet chum this Granny Stripe is a Huge Ta'Dah'' well done you I have made a cushion cover it's a pressie to take over to Canada as we are going for 2wks yippee so made it for my Sis-in-law she is a fabulous at crochet I can just about follow a pattern lol.. I love Jacquie from Bunny Mummy I got alot of my inspiration and easy tutorials from her blog she is so kind to share so much of her lovely patterns and easy to follow tuts, well Lisa like you I've not been on here much lately, I must take some pics of the cushion and pop it on my blog, I hope all is well with you and yours take care... :)
    Hugs Sarah x


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