Monday, 2 March 2009

A hidden Crafty place, what heaven!!!

Today we went to a little garden centre near to where I live and had a look around, my hubby was further on in the shop (men*rolls eyes* lol) when he called me over. As I turned the corner I was hit by the sight of rubber stamps, backing papers, outline stickers and just about anything crafty you could imagine. I thought to myself this being a garden centre its going to cost a fortune but to my amazement the papernation stamps were only £2.00 the slightly bigger stamps were only £3. They had decoupage sheets for 50p a sheet and well just loads of stuff and so much cheaper than ebay, hobby craft or many of the other crafting shops I have visited.

I didnt get enough time to buy what I wanted as I was spoilt for choice, but I will be returning. I enquired about them having a online shop or just a website, they said that they were just putting all that together and took my email addy. I am excited becasue I no longer have to spend a ton and come out of the range with a few items I can shop at this new place and get twice as much for my money Hurray!!!

I will be posting a pic shortly of the Birthday card I have made for a little girl whos birthday we will be attending on saturday. Look out for this.

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  1. What a lucky find, I wish the shop was near me too ;) Thankyou for following my blog :)your cards are pretty. Don't foget to tell us what you get on your return trip to the shop.


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