Wednesday, 22 April 2009


This week has really started well, NOT!! Firstly I have started a Diet, the wii fit and I are not agreeing on my weight so I have decided to take drastic action and no more chocolate or rubbish!

Monday wasn't too bad spent the day with my daughter and after school we went off to the new park which was great. In the evening I tried to make some cards, couldn't get anything to work.

Tuesday got up bright and early kids off to school, had a look at my craft table and thought will attempt some thing later. Went to mow the lawn and busted the mower. Hubby cannot understand how I have managed to seize the engine and bend the plate, might have some thing to do with Pinky's rubber chicken that I shredded... Shhhhhh.... So I didnt get much of the lawn mowed. Collected my son from school to be told he had, had a bad day. Tried again to create some cards or even a ATC and nothing would work.

Today being Wednesday, I have come to the conclusion that little mojo has gone on a spring break and will be back when it pleases. I need to make a new baby card and I just have no inspiration at all. I hope it will be back soon because I need some thing to take my mind off of all the yummy chocolate sat in the cuboard!!

And to top it all off the car has broken down again so that will be another huge job for hubby and expense for us!

Hopefully I will be back with another more positive post soon with a card or some thing!!!
I hope everyone is enjoying this lovely weather!

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  1. Thanks for joining in with my blog candy. Love your comment about the mower, couple of weeks ago hubby couldn't understand how the body had cracked on the motor mower, think it might have had something to do with me getting in a temper because the men came to service it and I had to struggle to get it out of the shed, crash, bang, wallop and one cracked body shell, not difficult really!



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