Sunday, 11 October 2009


I know I haven't been here since September but things have got a little too much and with that my old mojo seems to have packed up, I just sit at my craft desk and weep...... well no not really I just sit there and move stuff around and tidy things, I just dont seem to be able to get any ideas onto card!
I have a lot going on with my eldest son at the moment and when I am not going to meetings with various professionals or teachers I am usually thinking about all of it.  So crafting isn't my highest priority at the moment, but I am trying!

I have been visiting your blogs and will carry on doing so, hopefully this week I will have some thing to show you all, I have been looking at all the challenges I want to take part in but I just lack the creativity, no matter how hard I try.

Any how thanks for popping by and I will catch you with you on your blogs and on the forums!


  1. It's so nice to hear from you, but not good that things are a bit difficult at the mo. Children are a constant worry, if it's not one thingh it's another. But we would not be normal if it did not get to us sometimes.

    We all lose our mojos at times and it is a real pain, but keep looking round our blogs and I am sure you will suddently see something somewhere that makes you think "I want to make a card like that".

    It helps to share a worry, so even doing this post might have helped you in a roundabout way.

    B x

  2. Hi Dazie I am so sorry to read that you are having problems and have also lost your mojo. I know exactly what you are going through as I am sure many others do as well so you are not alone. I am also going through that lack of creativity time at the moment but as Brenda says visiting blogs does help at times. I thank you for visiting me recently it means so much so take care.

    Lorraine x

  3. Hi

    So sorry to hear that you're finding things tough at the moment but it's good to share these things.

    Fotget about the active crafting until you feel ready - no point in trying to force it sweetie.

    let us know how things are going so that we know you're OK.


  4. hi babe you take your time and am sure your mo jo will return soon email me babe if you need a chat will help if i can hugs cheryl xxx

  5. Hi Lyn,
    Good to hear from you. Don't worry about your mojo we all get those. But, we never get dealt more than we can cope with. You know you have a great support group on the forum. Keep in touch dear. I'll be thinking about you
    Hugs, Chris

  6. Hi my friend :) you will get there. I think sometimes we all feel that way and its just a case of something sparking up that creativity again
    Hugs June xxxx

  7. hi hun just wanted to let you know recieved your parcel left you a message on JJ forum hope you are getting there babe hugs cheryl xxxxx


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