Sunday, 27 September 2009

A Bit Poorly

Sorry no posts this week as I have been a little busy and then I came down with a bug which I still have, so I am not feeling to bright at all and looking at my craft stuff actually makes me feel a bit sick lol 

Hubby has been a star and looked after house, kids and all the animals, one of whom has managed to break both his little guinea pig teeth off whilst gnawing at the cage bars tut tut so until they grow back to a sensible length he has to be hand fed!  Here is the cheeky chappy himself, but he isn't looking quite as happy at the moment!

Will be around to catch up with you all soon!


  1. aww sweetheart, Im sorry to hear you not well, it's awful and really can set you back eh. Feel for you my friend. I hope you feel better soon. Thinking of you & sending a big mushy hug.
    Aww sorry for lill fella, how silly is that! chompin off his own teeth yikes! don't bare thinking of does it OOOUCH!

    Can feel a song coming on here ' all I want for xmas is me 2 front teeth der der der' lol

    sorry not taking the pith! haha
    Hugs my daisie Babe

  2. Awww bless ya cotton socks my friend. Hope ya soon feeling brighter. in the meantime sending you some hugs
    June xxxxxxx

  3. hi babe hope you soon feel better sweetie miss seeing your creations sending you a cyper hug love cheryl xxxxxxxx

  4. Hope you feel better soon Dazie, but I am giggling, maybe you could curl up in a blanket and see if hubby will hand-feed you too? :P

  5. I do hope you are feeling better soon hunny love yr Guinnes hope they are cheering you too such lovely sounds they make

    Love and ((hugs)) for you Dawn xxxxxxxx

  6. missing you hun....hope you feel better real soon! Big Hugs my friend


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