Thursday, 17 September 2009


Here are a couple of atc's that I made last week.  I did make a 3rd but it has gone missing, I do believe my hubby has some thing to do with this, he decided to move around the bedroom and my craft desk, of course he put stuff where he thought it would be best which ment I didnt know where anything was!!!  Apparently he may have knocked off the atc whist opening the curtains, I just need to look for it.  Well I have and it hasnt turned up anywhere.  So I just hope it will turn up at some point.

Anyhow here are the 2 I made:
As always I love your comments a BIG thank you to all those of you who have popped by recently to leave comments I really do appreciate them!


  1. Hi Dazie

    So totally different but both lovely. The sunflower is gorgous.

    B x

  2. Oh Daisie babes...these are so beautiful! The lady image was always one of my favs to work with and still will you will be seeing her very soon I expect on my atc blog.

    beautiful flower. I have those but not used them as yet. Hmmm some inspiration you have passed on there babes.


  3. Naughty hubby....beautiful ATCs they are gorgeous and I love them both the image in the second one is awesome and love the simplicity and colour of the first hope you find the third lol.

    Lorraine x

  4. These are gorgeous, very different styles but both gorgeous.
    Thank you for stopping by my blog hun, now I know where to find you I'll pop by again
    hugs Mandy xx

  5. these are just great as always hun hubbie naughty still at least he draws the curtains mine leaves them for me to do hugs cheryl xxxxx

  6. These are both wonderful Dazie, I hope the other one turns up safe and sound soon :)

  7. Lovely ATC's hope you've found your lost one, could be anywhere, I hunted for a lost one and it turned up two weeks later just sitting on my side board thingy..(does that mean I don't dust very often? oops!)


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