Sunday, 13 September 2009


Sorry I havent been around much, my youngest has started school for the first time this week and is only half days so there has been a lot of walking to and from schools as my other 2 have started back too.  My youngset has had a great week although they did lose him for a while as he decided to go hide in the puppet show stand with the curtains closed, when they called him he didnt answer, so there was a search party sent out to look for him and of course the last place they looked was in the puppet show stand.  He had a frim telling off and hasnt done it since lol  They have found that he is a bit of a climber and mischivious lol

I have had a award given to me by the lovely Cheryl, Thank you Cheryl I will get around to popping it up at some point and passing it on to my lovely followers!

I have managed to make 2 Atc's and a card but thats it, things are just too hectic at the moment to sit down and do anything else and my mojo is some what lacking.  Hopefully I will be back on top form when all the kids are settled in school and I can be left in peace.

I have been blog hopping but havent had much time to stop and leave comments but I promise I will be around soon to look at your creations!


  1. Yes, my daughter started back too. It keep ya hoping!

  2. Hi Dazie, I'm glad your son is enjoying school, and the walking will be great exercise, but I hope you get some time to yourself soon so we can see more of your gorgeous creations :)

  3. hi hun you take your time and sure you wil be back creating soon hugs cheryl xxxxx

  4. Hi ya Daisie Babe, how you doing there? looks like lots of exercise to me! Im ker-knackered reading it lol
    aww bless him...I guess this is wee Max we are chatting about here hehe...boyz will be boyz so they say!

    Lovely to have you back sweety!

  5. Miss you Dazie please hurry back.

    Gosh it's not that long ago I was doing the same long walk backwards and forwards (two with 17months between them on in full time one in nursery I was very tired I can tell you) my baby is now in his last year of HIGH SCHOOL it passes so quickly although it doesn't feel like it at the time I was wishing them to grow up lol enjoy it while you can lol

    Thanx for finding the time to pop by my blog your a doll x

    Love Dawn xx


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