Sunday, 14 February 2010

Its Today!!!!

Its been a long time coming it seems like ages but its finally here a new challenge blog!  It launches its very first challenge today so pop on over join up and get involved!!!!  Click this picture or .............................................

................Here is the all important link One Stitch At A Time The challenge will be posted around lunch time I believe giving you all plenty of time to get those valentine gifts and kisses out of the way hehehehehe  Oh and there is candy lots of candy to be won!!!!

Have a lovely valentines day to all!!!!!!


  1. Lol, thanks so much Dazie, I've been so caught up with the challenge I forgot it was Valentine's Day! :P

  2. Thanks Daizie Really nice of you hun

    Look forward to seeing your card

    Liz xx

  3. bless you for helping us spread the word hun,hugs cheryl xxx

  4. WOOOHOOOO Dazie, you won one of the pre-challenge guessing games over at the One Stitch At A Time blog, pop along to see which digid you want an let Stitch know :D

  5. Thanks Dazie for your post, on new blog chum, and Yippeeeeee''' Congratulations on winning the guessing mini-candy game well done, hope to see you again soon
    Sarah xx


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