Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Good news and Bad news!

Some excellent news first I think!!! I have won some gorgeous candy from over at  Designs By Denise If you haven't been over there yet you must go check out her lovely stamps and creations.  I cant wait to receive my stamp and make some crafty goodies with it!  Thank you Denise !

Now the BAD news

Well it would appear that some one has been spreading a little bit of naughtyness around this week as I have been locked out of everything that needs a password including here and my own forum!!!  So I have been spending time sorting that out!  All my passwords we unaccepted so I had to change them, for me that is a bit of a huge task as I forget everthing and have so many email addys and passwords running through my head I cant remember which belongs to which.

Any how its all sorted now fingers crossed!!!

I have some things to show you now I am all sorted but have a few bits and bobs to do first, I shall return soon!


  1. congrats on candy i too won some today and sorry to hear about the passwords son has something like it last year took ages and lost an email account which he uses for looking for a job.

  2. Yay Dazie, congrats on the candy win, but YIKES about your passwords, that sounds like it would have been a nightmare. Glad you got back in everywhere again though :)

  3. Congratulations on the candy win Dazie.
    What a nuisance about the password thing, it causes so many problems, hope you have it all sorted now
    Hugs Jackie x

  4. hi hun sorry about all the hastle you had have you heard about your win i have emailed but heard nothing back,why not keep a book hun i have to and i write down all my passwords in there for each site i use hugs cheryl xxx

  5. Congratulation Dazie on you Candy win chum enjoy your stamp when you get it, so pleased for you, Oh' sorry to hear about your password, how do they do things like this, and why??? but glad you have got it sorted, Dazie xx
    Hugs xx

  6. oh no!! werid things have been happening here too.In my corner. Mostof my passwords are written down or the computer remebers them but aggh!! the times I've had to ask for a new password this week!! (and then they say-they don't reconise me or, someone else already has that name/email!! yes!! ME!! Anyway, I think it's alright now!! Meanwhile..hope I haven't already told you, as I forget where I've been but there's followers Awards on my blog, I'd love you to pop over and choose one!!


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