Thursday, 28 January 2010

A yummsome award - please take as a thank you from moi!

Hi all just a quick pop in today, I am crafting but not getting much time to do it, this week has been hectic.

A lovely blogging/forum buddy has given me this award!  Thank you Sam!!!  Isn't it delicious tee hee, I could eat all of that in about 5 minutes but alas I am on a diet and have 4 more pounds to go to reach my target so NO CAKES FOR ME!!!!  Anyhow I need to tell you 10 things that make me happy  and pass on this award to 10 fellow bloggers .

  1. My Family make me very happy
  2.  Friends
  3. Guineas, chinnys, cats and pinky my westie (generally most animals)
  4. crafting 
  5.  my computer this makes me happy as lots of my friends are in it!
  6. blogging, looking at other peoples blogs
  7. music 
  8. Giant Cadbury Buttons YUM but only allowed a couple at the mo booooo!!!
  9. shopping for anything other than food, craft goodies etc etc
  10. I love a bargain too, it can be anything as long as its a good deal
Now the hard but sort of easy bit, I have to pass this yummsome award on but for me it really is simple there are so many of you that have passed my blog recently and left a lovely comment/s which means sooo much to me!  So please take, enjoy and pass on this fab award!


  1. Hi Dazie, hope it's going well for you and congrats on sticking to your diet :)

  2. Hi Dazie' hope you are well chum, and having a good weekend, Love you're best 10 things on the list, thx for popping by my blog, & for the lovely comments you left me,& I love your blog too, (Fabulous Background) what great taste in detail & colours you have, hehe' have a great day chum xxHugsxx
    Sarah x


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