Tuesday, 12 January 2010

snow trouble!

This weather has me all in a pickle, I have been working on a few little things but with the schools being shut then open, but too dangerous for us to venture out, it seems the kids Christmas holiday is dragging on and on.  At the moment I have my eldest at home, he finished his home work in quick time so he could get on the wii so I have managed to get some craft time to myself.

We are forcast more heavy snow, which is nice for some but I am fed up with it all now!  Its the ice that bothers me the most as its so unsafe.

Any how I shall return to show you my latest makes this week.

Stay safe everyone!

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  1. Oh Dazie, we've got over the snow now and it's all thawed, but I'm with you, I'd had enough of it. It's very pretty, lol, but too cold and slippy :)


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