Thursday, 7 January 2010


Well I was going to pop back the other day with some makes but didnt get around to it and I still wont today as I cant take pics the light is terrible here at the minute.  So I thought I would show you a couple of  pictures of the snow we had here in the snowy south west

Our 3 in the front garden, snow angels and snow man building, Pinky too having fun!
My beautiful little lady PINKY who was 3 on Monday, she absolutely adored the snow and wanted to play in it every time the door was opened!  Her little paws were covered in snow lol

Will hopefully be back to finally show you a couple of cards and some tags that I have made for a forum swap. 

Bye for now keep safe all that have snow!


  1. great pics hun keep warm
    Sam x

  2. What great photos! Your fur baby is adorable! I love that coat.

  3. Awww I love the pic of the kids and puppers in the snow! Hope you all had a fab time hun, and maybe school will be open tomorrow x

  4. oh hun great pictures you westie is adorable she is so cute hugs cheryl xxxx

  5. Great pictures dazie, thanks for sharing
    Hope you are managing to keep warm
    Hugs Jackie x

  6. Great pics Dazie, glad Pinky is having fun in all this cold weather :D

  7. Hi, Looks like everyone was having lots of fun in the snow. Love the pic of Pinkie in her little coat. What a sweetie.
    Suzie now has a channel through the snow, in the back garden, where she can get to dry ground. If she cannot find the channel on the way back (She is not the brightest dog in the world!) she stands and barks until someone goes to fetch*

  8. Aww!! Dazie the Kids just love it and Pinky too she is so cute, but the snow can be a pain in other ways sadly keep safe & warm xxhugsxx
    Sarah xx


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