Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Argos Deal On Sewing Machine!

Hi all I am so busy this week what with extra pigs to care for as my parents are on thier hols and the kids have been home ill as well as lots of other things I havent been on to blog this week tut tut!!!

I thought I would tell you about a fab deal on a sewing machine I bought today or should I say my hubby bought for me.  It isnt anything super fancy might I just add but does sew different fabrics, perfect for card making etc.  I went to john lewis had a chat with the sewing lady and she said certain machines are just no good and wont go through certain thicker fabrics even thin fleece!!!  So I opted to go for this one in argos it WAS £174.99 but has been reduced down to £79.99 so quite good value for money.  Now I haven't had a go on it yet so I may be eating my words later lol I hope it will be as brilliant as I think!

Here is the link should you wish to check it out ARGOS SEWING MACHINE its a E&R classic.

Right must dash sis in law over for tea and things to do, catch you all soon!


  1. Love a Bargain hope it lives up to your expectations :-)

  2. It looks and sounds great Dazie and a bargain too, I've never come across E&R machines but should be ok. I hope it lives up to your expectations

    Hugs Jackie x


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