Monday, 24 May 2010

Blissful weekend away

I have been missing this past few days, I could be found on a beach in Devon enjoying the sea and the sand!  I probably ate too much, spent too much and stayed out in the sun too much, but it was glorious we all had the best time.

Here are a few pics of what we saw when we went to the Dinosaur and Wildlife park. Which I can recommend but not for pushchairs or wheelchairs it is mightily hilly and I just about made it up and down in this heat!!!!
BOO... its me hehehehe,,.........
The sea lions were brilliant and so very intelligent!

 These little otters would do anything for the food that may be lurking in your bag tut tut!!!
 This little joey's mum had passed away and he was being hand reared, my hubby asked if he could give it one of the wallaby nuts we had left over and the carer said yes hop on over and give it ago, but all jowy wanted to do was hold my hubby's hand awwwwwwww

If you have watched the wolf man series on TV this is where he and his wolves are and they are fascinating I never thought I would be that interested but they really are amazing animals (but they absolytely stank!)  My daughter was very interested in them too and was found up close watching feeding time (the less details the better)!!!!

And lastly just one of the 3 very tired kids who slept the whole way home shhhhh.............
Back to crafting this week a couple of DT projects to be getting on with so I will be back!
Bye for now!!!


  1. Aww so glad you had a fab time my friend, and love all the pics you shared, all the animals but the kids asleep is the best hehe
    hugs June xxx

  2. Fabulous pics Dazie,nice to see you all enjoyed yourselves,and I notice you had a quiet drive home with those three in the back ha

  3. Lovely pics Dazie, I'm pleased you had a good time, looks like you wore them out!! Love Steph

  4. Fabulous pics Dazie,so glad you have had a nice time,
    hugs Dianne xx :)

  5. oh so glad you had a brilliant time hun great phots,especially of the boys bless them hugs cheryl xxxxx

  6. So glad you had a great weekend chum, good for you aren't you meant to eat' spend' and soak up the sun ray's hehe' your kids are so cute bless them, great pic's chum,

  7. Great pics and lovely cute kids, nice to hear you all had a great time, thanks for sharing hun x x


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