Tuesday, 31 August 2010

A spot of sewing

Hi all I have been a tad busy this week we are part of great group called Special Friends which is a group for Disabled children and their families.  My son has aspergers and this group has been so good for him and our other 2 children.  Anyway I havent had time to do much crafting and I have been desperate to make some hammocks for my guineas so I thought I would show you the end result of my sewimg machine session.
Leila demonstrating my sewing efforts!
Little bit my young sow sits underneath it lol.  I have made one for the chinchillas too they love theirs!

Right I am off again keep a eye out for this weeks frienday freebie at little musings its a gorgeous one yet again!!!  No christmas theme!
Also a new challenge starts this saturday over at craft your days away so you have just this week to join in with the With Wings theme challenge!
Catch you all soon 


  1. Ahh!!! Dazie this is Fabulous chum, great sewing Leila looks like she is loving it, not to worry about crafting you and your families need come first, sorry to hear about you wee son, I'm sure this group is such a support to you all. take care chum, lots Hugs
    Sarah xxx

  2. Oh those photos are so cute; I used to use James' old jeans to make hammocks for our guinea and the degus. If you use the legs and leave them open they seem to like the tunnel effect as well as the top hammock bit :D

  3. Ahhhhhhhh so sweet!!!!
    Hugs Kristel

  4. Dazie you have done a brill job on those hammocks,Leila says this is heaven lol!
    I am well hun and enjoy your family you only have one.
    Take care now
    Hugs Betty xx


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