Monday, 31 January 2011

New Arrival

A late post from me today.  This weekend  we picked up a new chinchilla, a new friend for BOB.  As some of you know we had a terrible bug that went through my animals and I lost so many one of which was Chinster one of my gorgeous chins.  Bob was left behind and has been battling the bug on and off.  But he has reached a point now where he is no longer on antibiotics and holding his own!  So I managed to track down a chinny in need of a home that would suit bob and here he is 
He is blind in one eye, has a curly tail and a chewed ear but he is simply gorgeous! 
He has got used to being indoors already and is lappying up all the attention he is getting.  He has met bob who is in his cage behind Neelix and they sit on their shelves next to eachother.  I am just hoping intros go well! So get your fingers crossed!

So thats my little bit of news for this week.  

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  1. So happy for you Lisa !! Poor Neelix has been in the wars ,but fell on his feet now !!

    hugs Diane xx

  2. oh hun so sorry about all your animals,hun that awful for you but this wee guy is just so cute,adorable,hugs cheryl xx

  3. Aww!!! Neelix is a wee cuttie, bless him, and my fingers are crossed for the intro to Bob chum, hope you and yours are doing ok' and thanks for sharing chum, Big Hugs
    Sarah x

  4. Oh he is so sweet I didn't realise you had chinnys. My son had one years ago called honey and she was a darling, they can be lovely pets.
    Hope he settles in well with bob!!
    Pene x

  5. Hi Dazie

    AWwwwwww how cute is Neelix, you do a fantastic job hun... very lucky animals.

    Huggies Angel

  6. Hope Bob and Neelix are happy little playmates for each other. Sorry to hear about losing some of your lovelies xx

  7. I am so sorry to hear about your other animals, Our babies mean everything to us, i can not imagine how hard that must have been for you all... On the plus side, My god Neelix is the cutest little thing that i have ever seen... I really do hope this bug is gone forever... Crafty Hugs Tina


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