Sunday, 13 February 2011

Sewers Can you help?

Hi ladies (and gents) I am in need of some help.  I am desperately trying to find lovely fabrics at a decent price and a decent size!  I dont mind off cuts or remnants.  I have been online for days searching for places to buy from and still havent found anywhere apart from Ebay.  Can anyone recomend some where or some one online who sells pretty fabrics?
Thank you
Have a great week all


  1. I buy 99% of my fabric online either ebay or etsy. Etsy is great as the choice in the states is so much better than here you just have to watch the postage. I look for sellers who will do 7-8yds in a ups envelope then it only about $13-14 which works out about £1 per yd postage!! Bundles of fat quaters are a good buy as well as they are normally co ordinating so good for patchwork and applique.. hope that helps
    Hugs Pene

  2. Sorry Dazie, I can't help, but I'm just giggling because I read your title as needing help with your sewerage system :P

  3. Can't help either I'm afraid, only just got into a fabric hobby and have so far only bought from our local shop - not cheap!- or ebay.
    I was wondering what it had to do with sewerage too!!! xx

  4. Hi just a new follower I have come over from Scrap my mid life crisis as was intrigued by your comment about fabric. I got a sewing machine for christmas but its not been used yet still looking for reasonable priced fabric (i thought it was just me being tight!!) - am tempted with some from Fabric Rehab - have you had a look there??

  5. Hi Dazie
    I usually use ebay - if you search Japanese Fabrics there are some really cute ones. Also, I have bought from Pinflair at the NEC show and they were good quality and you don't have to buy great big pieces, haven't bought from them online though.


  6. Lisa have you tried your local charity shops ?? Sometimes its worth asking evan if there isin`t any in the shop.

    I must admit I read it the same as Susan, you needed help with the sewerage.....

  7. Try Skye Reve Fabrics (Facebook page -!/Skyerevefabrics7); Frumafar (Etsy -; Cottonholic (Etsy -; MissElany (Etsy, based in UK -; You can also look for fabric suppliers on Etsy by searching in Supplies / Fabric - or use Shop Local and search for UK or your locality. You don't have to have a shop on Etsy to buy there, but you will need to register as a buyer. Many shops price in US$, but some now price in UK£. You can pay with paypal - even if you don't have a paypal account you can use paypal with your credit card.
    If you want smallish pieces of fabrics, a quilting supplies shop would sell Fat Quarters, which means you can get squares of nice fabrics at reasonable prices (a Fat Quarter is the meter or yard cut in half both lengthwise and widthwise - ie. 1/4 meter/yard, in a nice square).
    I also recently found this online shop - I haven't bought from them yet, so cant tell you much about them.
    And my local branch of Dunelm Mill has a great fabric department!
    I hope this helps you!

  8. I thought you had drain problems too lol!!!Have you tried the local market, or Dunhelms for off cuts, sorry thats all i can suggest.
    Betty x x

  9. I Dazie, I buy mine either locally (not the cheapest) or on ebay usually much cheaper. Sorry not to be more helpful

    Hugs Jackie x


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