Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Button Swap

Last month I signed up to a fab Button swap over at Noodlebubble Niceblog the idea was to swap 50 buttons with your partner whom NoodleBug
had set you up with.

I was partnered up with Kate whose blog is called Helter Skelter

and these are the lovely buttons I received
.I love each and everyone of them especially the little flowery/butterly wooden ones!

Now I would like to say I have a photo of the buttons I sent to Kate
But unfortunately I cannot for the life of me find the picture I must have stored it some where!
My selection included novelty buttons some Christmas some small some big, some hello kitty  union jack heart and other union jack themed buttons plus a few others too, I couldn't stick to the 50 and went just over but I am pleased to say my partner loved them!



  1. Gorgeous buttons, the ones you sent sound fab too! x

  2. I new these wee flowery ones would be your fav Lisa as they are mine to... although I have a bit off a phobia of buttons I could never put my hand into my granny's button tin as a child, and it's still the same!! but I'm fine with shaped buttons like these flowery ones and also shaped buttons, I know It's crazy :):)lol' and your buttons sounded fabulous right up my street lol' :) thanks for popping over to my blog too chum...
    Lots Hugs Sarah x


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