Friday, 29 March 2013

Conquering Crochet One Stitch At A Time

So Cardmaking and sewing have taken a back seat lately as I have been teaching myself Crochet.  I tried last year and failed!  What I created wasn't even good enough to be called a dish cloth!  
However I decided at the beginning of this year that I would master this fantastic craft and create a blanket in fact the lovely Denise over at Crafting Delights blog and I made a sort of pact on facebook to have a Blanket by the end of this year!

So I started out with granny squares which at first went terribly wrong, then I got the hang of them 
and ended up with this
So once I had mastered that went to visit GET KNITTED my favourite wool shop (online too!) the staff are very helpful and they have a mahoosive range of wools, patterns and well anything wool related is there and a bit of sewing too!!!  I purchased some lovely pink wools and created this 
I would like to say I followed a pattern but I actually just made it up as I went along!  I also made another in similar colours for a friends daughter to go on her bed.  So I have indeed stuck to the pact and Made a Blanket!  Whoop Whoop!!!

So after Mastering the simple granny square I  decided I need to learn Uk Terms for Crochet instead of American, I found most of the utube videos for beginners are based in American but there are a couple in uk.  
Once I had got uk terms right in my head I made these little lovelies
This pattern is brilliant for beginners and free you can get it here Bunny mummy has some other fab free patterns with tutorials to help you crochet.

And finally this week I had a bash at making some cup cosy's 

There are so many utube videos to watch to help you master crochet, I would say dont give up, once you have the hang of it, its really simple!  Yes there are more complicated patterns but over time and practise you will be able to do them if I can You can!!!

Catch you soon 


  1. Well done on mastering crochet Dazie I've been teaching myself too and have managed to make a blanket using the granny square method. Now I just need to learn to follow a pattern, I love those little owls so I might give them a try
    Happy Easter
    Jackie x

  2. That's amazing progress, you must be really pleased with yourself, your owls are super cute! xx


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