Friday, 9 April 2010

What day is it ?!!???

Where has this week gone?  I am totally lost as to what day it is, what happened to Easter it seems to have passed in a chocolate blur!  And what is this yellow thing that is now in the sky?  SUN we actually have SUN!!!

After having a little break and getting over illnesses, typical its the easter holidays and the kids are ill!!!  I will finally be back at my now very tidy craft desk ready to create.  I spent most of yesterday sorting out the guinea runs and giving them a lick of paint, hopefully this afternoon the pigs will be out mowing the lawn, they have to earn their keep you know!!!

Sooooo I will return wooo hoooo a bit later with a couple of creations I hope.  Here is a little piccy of some of the pigs enjoying the sun last year, trixie is the one pig who didnt want to take part in the photo shoot, tut tut!

Catch you soon!!!


  1. Lol, i love the piccy of the pigs they are so cute all together like that.
    Have fun creating my friend.
    hugs June xxx

  2. oh these are so cute hun great picture,hope to see some of your cards,again soon hugs cheryl xx

  3. Shame on you for not coming to blog land lol family always first hun love your piffies I have a friend on face book who keeps them too she had just made a run for them and is praying for SUN lol nice to see you and hope there asre some new creations on the way (no presure lol)

    love Dawn xx


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