Monday, 21 February 2011

Got the Snots

Sorry all I have a serious bout of the snots, I couldnt get out of bed yesterday I felt so ill but have managed to drag myself all the way to the computer (the most important place in the house) for a catch up.

I have been making DT cards and getting myself organised, I may even have some Birthday Blog Candy coming up if I actually put it all in one place instead of leaving bits and bobs every where! 

Last week I finished working on a apron for the auction over at Guinea Pig Haven. which is the forum I run with my friend Anne.  We are raising some much needed pennies for the guineas and bunnies in Crawley Guinea Pig Rescue.  
So I made this to donate.
I am currently working on a Kath Kidston Felt Stanley, my first attempt went half right but the other side was a bit gappy so I am attempting it again as I am a perfectionist and cant bear knowing it isn't right.  Pics coming up when I have finished.

Right off to catch up on the rest of blogland Catch you all soon!


  1. Hope you are feeling better soon, lovely apron cant wait to see Stanley xx

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon my lovely! I am so looking forward to a sea of stanleys xx

  3. Hi Hun..

    AWwwww sending you big hugs hun..
    Look forward to seeing your makes, love the apron too.
    Huggies Angel

  4. Awww poor you hope you get well soon hun, love the apron and look forward to seeing Stanley.
    Take care now
    Hugs Betty x x

  5. Loveeeeee!!! your Apron chum, it's fabulous and I'm sure it will raise lots of monies for your GPRescue, looking forward to seeing your Stanley I popped over to Annie's from your link chum she has a fabulous blog put her monthly make on my sidebar and have asked for the pattern for Stanley also, not sure if I can make him as I'm not a beautiful stitcher like you chum, hope your cold clears up soon, and love your post title lol' Hugs
    Sarah x

  6. Hi Dazie, your apron is fab and I'm so sorry you're not feeling well, but I keep getting the giggles when I read your posts. This time I imagined the first sentence saying "Sorry all I have a serious bout of the snots, I couldnt get out of bed yesterday . . .as I was stuck to the pillow! :P"

  7. Ah get well soon, Pop Over to my blog as I have something there for you Hazel x

  8. Hope you feel better soon hunny and that apron is just fabulous - well done you!!
    Take care now and I hope not to be absent for quite so long this time.
    Sam x

  9. Gosh I love your apron, just fabulous! Hope you feel better soon!
    Hugs Tab xxx

  10. How cute - I love the little fabric guinea pigs.


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