Saturday, 26 November 2011

Tutorial - Image on Candles

A lot of people ask me how I do my candles and last year a did a tutorial for a forum so this year I thought I would share it here with you so you can get a idea of how its done.  
There are however lots of tutes on Utube that may be of help.  Also practising first helps you find your way of doing it successfully. 

You will need
  • Heat Gun
  • Grease proof Paper
  • Tissue Paper the same colour as your candle
  • pro markers
  • ink to stamp your image
  • a stamp of your choice
  • scissors

Stamp your image on to your tissue paper carefully and then colour with your pro markers very carefully 
Next cut around your image leaving a tiny edge around it.

 Next place your image onto the candle in the specific place that you want it, usually if you gently rub over it the image will stay in place by itself.
next place the grease proof paper over the top place your fingers on the image to keep it in place as you are wrapping the grease proof paper around.  you will need  a large piece of grease proof paper so that you can grab it on the other side and hold. tight.
 I slide my fingers down both sides making sure that the image is nice and flat and in the right place then grab the grease proof paper on the other side
See how the image is flat agains the candle and how I am holding the paper tight.
 Now using you heat gun start heating the image through the paper, do not stay in the same spot I work in small circular movements from one side to the other making sure I get all the image do not go too close to the candle as the heat will intensify.
You will see a change happening under the paper as the wax melts keep moving dont stay in the same spot, its almost like little droplets of water coming through the paper.  The whole process is no longer than a minute depending on the size of candle you are using.

Once I am sure my image is in place I always roll it on the table so that it evens it all out.

Then I gently peel away the grease proof paper 

There will be little bits of melted wax on the candle but these can either be smoothed out by using your finger or gently brushed off.

And here is the end result once you have made your finishing touches 

You can also use rub ons to decorate candles or decorated vellum but obviouslly with vellum it must be removed before burning and you MUST put a warning on candles about how to use them safely.  You can also use gems to decorate and ribbon to pretty it up a bit.

I hope this tutorial is of use to some of you that have always wanted to have ago



  1. Thanks so much for sharing those are great instructions, I've been wondering how to put images onto candles xx

  2. Thankyou Dazie
    A fabulous tutorial just need to get some candles and other things together and will have a go
    Hugs Dianne xx :)

  3. Hi Dazie
    A super tutorial chum, thanks for taking your precious time, and sharing this with us, nice clear detailed pic's and info, cheers' hope all is well.
    Lots Hugs
    Sarah x


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