Thursday, 1 March 2012

Afternoon Tea Swap

I am a tad behind this week things just not working out as planned however I had a gorgeous box of goodies arrive at the weekend from my Swap Partner Estelle of Twinkles Tutorials and twirls can I just say now this lady is a genius and embraced this swap fully and I was amazed at what came out of my parcel and how inventive she was in how it was all put together!  
So with out further ado here are the pics of the tea swap goodies.

When I opened the box I was greeted with a message on a doily which I didn't take a piccy of Darn it, but this is what greeted me
 Some gorgeous tea break goodies some nortys and some goody gluten frees :)
 The most scrumptious candle I didnt know betty made candles as well as chocolate filling!
 A selection of Fine teas, Asam happens to be on of my favs
 Tea note pad and a little book of word searches and a little pen
 A fabulous spotty mug ♥ with jam and a spoon, the mug is already in full brew holding operation!
 A lovely afternoon tea cake book, I swear some one some where is trying to get me to cook!
 A lovely crafty package of cards to make as well as a giant tea bag!
 A lovely Tea themed picture
 And all of this was presented on a tray with doillies and servettes, the tray is on my dining room table!
And a couple of days later  received a lovely card with some gorgeous tea pot charms in.

I think you will agree I am one lucky lady having such a fab swap partner.
I just hope she enjoyed my goodies as much I loved hers.

Catch you all soon when I have caught up with life!  


  1. Wow what a lovely lot of goodies! I love afternoon tea so I will be popping round soon x

  2. What lovely swap gifts! Love all the red and white spots.

  3. oh gosh Hun,the goodies,are just beautiful a really wonderful set here Hun,have fun,hugs Cherylxx

  4. Gorgeous!! I so wish I'd known about this swap x

  5. So glad you loved them! I really do enjoy doing swaps and you know I love a good theme ;) Thank you for my goodies - they are fabulous! I am just taking pics now and will post about it later! Thanks again lovely x

  6. Wow what a fantastic swap you two ladies did! Thank you so much for taking part! xx

  7. Yes, you guys did have fun with your swap. It was fun to visit!


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