Friday, 23 March 2012

Baby Makes

This week I decided I needed to get my bottom in gear and make some gifts for my daughters teacher who is set to go on maternity leave very soon.  So after debating what to make I purchased some Minky Fabric and some lovely cotton fabric that could be for a boy or girl as we don't know what it is yet lol    

I set to work after pinning all the minky fabric to an inch of its life, if you don't pin it properly then it slides all over the shop and makes you one frustrated lady!

Here is the blanket with 2 burp cloths which are simple to make.

I don't think they are half bad, they are my first attempts :)

Right will be back soon with more posts, its just finding the time at the moment.


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  1. Those are so lovely, I bet your Daughter's teacher will love them! x


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