Thursday, 28 March 2013

Taste the Rainbow

Sorry to have been missing for a wee while life has been very busy here at Dazie Patch however I really wanted to share with you this fab cake WE made, I say we as this was for my daughters Comic Relief Bake Off  at school so We made this together although I think she ate more that she actually made!

So for the bake off we wanted to do some thing special and I have been so totally impressed by the rainbow cakes I have seen online especially on Pininterest ....(where I seem to spend a lot of my time)... I followed this fantastically simple Recipe by The Imagination Tree 
Check it out and the gorgeously scrumptious pictures too!

The only thing I did slightly different is using food colouring as I couldnt get all the colours in a gel however since making the cake I have seen the Gels and other colourings Stocked In THE RANGE at fairly good prices.

so here is the cake in all its glory finished with some jelly beans
It was massive!  This picture really doesnt do its size justice!
Here is the rainbow surprise
 Such gorgeous Rainbow colours!
Did you know I havent baked a cake from scratch since well YEARs ago
This came out perfect and tasted scrumptious!
Might I just add if you do use betty crockers fondant icing get more than 3 tubs I had a queue waiting for the pots, bowls and spoons,  It tastes gorgeous!

Catch you soon!


  1. OMG Lisa what a fantastic cake !! There are six sponges there !! Cor I could just eat a bit of that now !!

    hugs Diane xx

  2. Looks fantastic and bet it tasted great too xx

  3. Your cake looks yummy Dazie I'm sure everyone enjoyed it

    Jackie x

  4. Oh my, what a magnificent cake - bet it tasted scrummy!

    Hope you are well,

    Hugs, Estelle xx


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