Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Blogger Bother

I am having quite a few blogging problems at the moment one of which is losing all the lovely blogs I follow, so if I haven't been around to comment on your lovely work or to say hi please bear with me as I am totally lost! Apparently this seems to be a widespread problem at the moment and the high powers of blog land are trying to sort it out and have promised it will all return!

Fingers crossed!!!!!


  1. Check now Daizie as mine are now back but the blogs were missing last night/this morning


  2. oh that accounts for your absence lol may be thats why the comments on my blog are none existant (well less than usual lol) I hope it gets sorted soon I know how I love visiting every one thank goodness I am not affected phew! liking the colours on the blog too!

    Love Dawn xx

  3. Love your new layout Dazie, very pretty
    I've been lucky and my blog isn't affected, hope it's sorted soon, am missing your visits
    Hugs jackie x

  4. Dazie, I'm so sorry, I thought I was following your blog but you're not on my list. I've added you now, hope your list of follow-ees turns up soon :)

  5. I keep finding myself missing from 'followers' I guess there's soooo many people blogging there's bound to be trouble sometimes!



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