Monday, 24 August 2009

Quick candy post!!!!

Just a quickie hehehe there is some fab candy over at A load of old Blogocks! Blog that may be of interest to lots of you!  Get on over quick as its only open until the 26th August!!! Whilst you are there have a look at the gorgeous work Caz does! 


PS Just found the camera batteries so will be back tomorrow to show you my creations!!!


  1. Thanks for the info Dazie, I'm off to have a look now :) And yay for camera batteries, lol, I was most disgruntled a few days ago when I had to wait for mine to recharge :P

  2. i'm off to check it out. you message is hysterical! LOL.


  3. look forward to seeing more of your creations hun hope you are okay love cheryl xxxxxxxx


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