Saturday, 1 August 2009

Not a card but a guinea pig!

I had a call in the week asking if I would take a lovely little sow who goes by the name of Layla. Of course I said yes and last night off we went to collect her and all her bits and bobs. Here she is;

She is coming up to 4 but I think she may possibly already be 4 going on 5 but she is a sprightly little lady and has been wheeking the house down already this morning which set Bernie our indoor guinea pig off lol.

I am hoping that she will bond with Ruby who is a lone sow I already have, so fingers crossed for this afternoon when they will meet. Oooo and then we are off to see the G Force Movie woooo hooo which of course is all about guinea pigs!!!!

Have a fab saturday all!!!


  1. Aww so cute all snug there look bless. Im sure they will get on fine??

    Daisy Babe


  2. oooo I missed that bit about G Force....can I come?? told you didnt I when we went to see HP last sunday. I see the ad on the wall and the trailer and said to steve & luke oh my goodness daisy babe will love this!!! lol have fun wish i was going with ya.
    tel me about it wont ya hehe


    ps...are you going for the kids or you? lol

  3. Oh Dazie isn't she beautiful aren't you a wonderful lady to take her in I hope she bonds with your other little lady. You are a person after my own heart.

    Lorraine x

  4. completely crazy!!...although I have an old picture of my Hammy on the computer keyboard, when we used to use the cupboard under the stairs as an 'office' !!


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