Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Some Awards

I have been awarded some lovely awards some of which I was given a while back but haven't sorted tut tut!!! I would love all my followers to take one or all of them as there are so many of you who deserve it, the comments & support you give to me and others is what keeps me crafting you are all such wonderful people!

So here we go with the most recent I was given by the lovely sam, of Mays Daze blog I have received one from Spyder of spyders corner another from Lisa of Allissa's design and one from the lovely Lace Ribbons and Blows Blog

The circle of friends award has a rule of stating 5 things that you like to do here we go, and to all those who take awards you must do this too!

1. I like being with my famly family including pets
2. I like blogging which includes meeting you lovely bloggers!
3. I like crafting
4. I like walking my westie, Pinky!
5. I like learning new things!

So there you go please take what you would like and have a fabulous week!


  1. Hi Daisy Babes....sorry I not been about. Thank you for your lovely email. apologies no answer til now but will email you later or 2moz babes. I have something for you on my Blog.
    I hope you will accept it with love.


  2. Well done you! Love the blog name...Lace Ribbons and Blows...I can just see Liz having a fistie-cuff! ("'ere, give me my sticky dots! Take That!!")


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