Thursday, 9 July 2009

Birthday card

Here is the Birthday card I made for Lisa over at Allissa's design Camp. I know she likes vintage themed things, so I thought I would have a bash at a vintage themed card some thing I have never done before apart from atc's.

My lovely blogging friend June came to the rescue with this image as I couldn't find one I liked, that went with the design I had in my mind. June kindly gave me this one which when I saw it knew it was perfect. Thank you June!

I hope you like it. Will be back soon with some more makes but with the impending arrival of my 2 new furries I have my mind on other things like where they are going to go lol so I will try and fit some more card making in some where.

Bye for now.


  1. Lovely Dazie, Lisa should love it, the butterfly gives it that finishing touch. And new furries, lucky you - we have one due shortly as well, a four year old St Bernards - I know we must be mad with all out othere animals, but he's one of about 70 being re-homed from a National appeal.

    B x

  2. Daizie thats lovely I just cut out one much the same to use for a roundie this morning but too big Ive made the other image into a card but unsure what I am doing woth my winged friends Well done its lovely!
    PS Missing you all with the forum down but chatting on Crafty Salon so not too bad Hope tho ti chat to you again soon

  3. great card hun adore that image love cheryl xxxx

  4. I love the card and the butterfly is lovely.

  5. Dazie Babe.........YOU have NO idea, how chuffed I was to open this lil beauty. I am going to pop her in a frame as I loved all my Cards but I LOVE vintage so so much. Its amazing and this image i havn't got either so I was even more Blessed with them angels. Dazie babe, thank you so much. I shall treasure her.
    Big Hugs hunni.


  6. oooooh, I love this one.

    Hugs Sandie x

  7. Hi Dazie
    A beautiful card,Dianne xx

  8. Awww how gorgeous this one looks. You did an amazing job with that piccy and the butterfly and card looks gorgeous. The forum is all back to normal now so will see you there soon]
    hugs June xxx

  9. Gorgeous card Dazie

    I'm so pleased the forum is back up and running

    Hope your new furries have arrived and are settling in well

  10. Stunning card, so elegant and I love the colours!
    Hugs Tab xxx


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