Monday, 6 July 2009

Woo hooo News news news!!!

Well this weekend has been rather a lovely surprising one it all started Friday when I returned home from a very busy sports day and both my children's school fayres, I checked into my blog to find Lisa from Allissasdesigncamp had chosen moi to receive one of her fantabulous SIFGA's. What is a SIFGA I hear you say!!! Well its Allissa's Random Follower Stamped Image Folder Give Away (there is a little clickable piccy in my side bar) I was totally surprised and well I am still quite lost for words hehehe as Lisa has been so kind to me already! If you want to know more about this then check out Lisa's blog its full of the most amazing designs, you will love it!

On sunday I found out I had won the Crafty Pad challenge with my just ted on a ball card (scroll down to have a peek)! This was a shock, but not only that the prize is guest DT for a week over at the crafty pad *shivers with nerves* with the choosen stamp of that week, so I hope my mojo will be in check then!!! I will let you know more details as they happen. Thanks to those lovely ladies who have congratulated me, Diane over at Dianes rambles especailly as she left messages everywhere hehehe.

Finally today I had some great news that my friend who is having to rehome her chinchilla's has choosen me to have them, I am so very excited I have a thing for guinea pigs as most of you already know and chinchilla's have always been pets I have wanted and now its about to come true. They are called bubble and squeak and are 4 years old, I will definelty be showing pics when they arrive and are settled!!!

Soooo.... have I made any thing this weekend? yes I have but I cant show you yet as its a surprise, but by the end of the week I will pop it up for you to see.

Oh and whilst I am here the lovely clare has some very yummy candy over on her blog Taffy crafty's Creations, you muct check it out there is only a few days left to get in with the chance to win and whilst you are there she has some lovley cards that you must check out!

Right I think thats it for now will catch you all soon have a grand old week!!!


  1. Wow Dazie you have won some wonderful things you lucky lady lol. It is so nice to share your joy you so totally deserve it. Good luck with the guest DT spot.

    Lorraine x

  2. WOW what a GREAT start to your week babes !!

    Hugs Diane xx

  3. Hi Dazie I havent had a look yet to see what you won, so im off to have al ook darlin thanks for visiting me blog huggies June xx

  4. wow you have had a great start to your week hun well done you well deserved might I add cant wait to see the pictures lots love cheryl xxxxxxx

  5. Hi Dazie babe. If anyone deserves such luck hun its lil ole you hooo hehehe. Im chuffed to bits for ya poppet. Aww they sound so lubbly...can't wait to see them up in lights here bless em. You have such a heart fro kinda girl. They need us so much dont they.
    BTW...Re wing on birdie..its crystal Glamour dust. Im posting your sifga today poppet....steve was out most of day yesterday & forgot to take it doh! open it & pop you in a sprinkle in a bag...a little goes a long way...just try b4 you buy lol

    Luv N Hugs babes....let the gates open wider for your luck sweetie.

  6. Hi Dazie

    What a fab week for you, you lucky lady. Can't wait to see all the photos.


  7. Hi Dazie :)
    Thanks so much for your comment i am glad you know all about it. Yes Al is doing his best with the forum but i know he is out tonight as its his birthday today. I hope things are soon back to normal as worried about the forum and my friends there. Casey is doing well and we hope she will be allowed home from hospital today
    Great news for you this week and ....... you so deserve it all !!!!! congrats and hugs
    June xxx

  8. what a lovely blog :-)) felightful to read & fantastic cards to view. love it.

    caro xx


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