Wednesday, 6 May 2009

£10 Pound Budget

I was instructed by my hubby that I was only allowed £10 to spend and that was it! I wanted some stamps of my own to work with so have been sitting on ebay for the past 2 days waiting on various stamps some of which went for silly prices and you would have been better off going to Funky Kits or other online stockists and getting brand new ones!

I didn't want just little girls like tilda I wanted some thing else, so I have gone for 'Bunny with Flowers' a sugar nellie stamp, a frog holding a flower by stamp boutique (I think) and a fab Pink Gem Designs stamp that I have had my eye on for a wee while, cat with cuppa I am hoping they will arrive in the next couple of days I am quite excited to have my first lot of lovely stamps.

If you get the chance check out the Pink Gem Designs site as they have offers on some of their lovely stamps or pop over to the Pink Gem Blog and see what has been created with these lovely stamps. Pink Gem also sell on ebay so keep a eye out for stamps there too!

So did I stay within my £10 limit??? Yes I did and there is about 52p spare!


  1. Oh you are good wish i could do that i get on funky kits and my basket is full. lol get cold feet and empty.

  2. You are too good £10 is not enough!

    Love Dawn xx

  3. Thank you for your kind words......I hope you enjoy the stamp!X


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